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Sensory Processing Handbook

By: Dr. Teresa May Benson, Wendy Drobnyk, Julie, Leah Kuypers, Elizabeth Goranson, Ruth Morgan Chapel Hill Snippets, Elyse, Zehdean, Jenn, Denise, Penny, & Cate

Our senses, auditory, tactile, vision, olfactory, taste, proprioception, and vestibular, provide us with vital information about the world and ourselves. How we organize, process, and interpret sensory experiences affects how we adjust our behavior to navigate through our environment.

For many of us there is no doubting the wonderful feeling of fresh sheets after a shower, or the discomfort of chewing a popcorn kernel, but what happens when everyday experiences cause discomfort, anxiety, or pain.  When sensory challenges begin to limit learning possibilities, social interactions, and/or the ability to access spaces and materials, it is time to question sensory input, and ways to alleviate these difficulties.

Through AllSpecialED’s Discussion Event and the development of this e-book, we sought to learn about the efficacy of Sensory Integration (SI) and sensory desensitization intervention strategies to assist in the regulation of sensory processing disorders.  We all want children to be balanced, organized, and regulated so they can feel successful and access everything the world has to offer. It through collaborative projects like the AllSpecialED sensory guide, we have the opportunity to grow together with same goal: finding approaches that make a difference for kids.


Joy & Colleen


Social Skills Resource Guide

By: Ruth Morgan Chapel Hill Snippets, Elyse, Megan G jfrancese, Denise, Ltbaggwrinkle, Joy, and Colleen

The ability to adapt to and negotiate our social environment is more important to one’s success than any subject we learn about in school. Having the skills as therapist, educator, or parent to teach and expand our children’s knowledge of the social world opens a world of opportunity for kids of all ages. To support this vision January’s discussion topic was aimed to increase our understanding of social skills, strategies, programs, and technology.

Thanks to your ideas and tips we were able to create The Social Skills Resource Guide. We hope the pages in this book help you pilot new techniques so you can begin to break social barriers. Together we are a powerful learning community, and we can’t wait for our next discussion!

Sincerely Yours,

Joy & Colleen


Story Skills Field Guide

By: Bonnie Greenberg, Elyse, Jami, Kathy, Lois, Nancy Mulkerin, Ruth Morgan, Hillarym1922, JSimmons, Joy, and Colleen
Bonnie Greenberg,Professional Story Teller and SLP (ASE guest expert)

From the art of storytelling to the engagement and experience we gain from reading books, stories offer us priceless lessons and skills that enrich our minds and our lives. For many of our students, story skills and accessing stories comes with significant challenges (relational, language, sensory-based). So this October, we decided to begin a brainstorm to span continents, cultures, and special education specialties to find out what strategies, tricks, and materials help your students enjoy and learn from stories!

From all of the wonderful entries posted by the amazing members of AllSpecialED, we have developed the following e-book to offer ideas and help educators everywhere. We have learned so much and we hope you do to!!!  Download HERE

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Colleen and Joy

Tackling Challenges in Data Collection and Organization

By: Allison  G,  Anne,   Aprinzi,   Bonnie  G,   Elyse, JoeNovak,   JSimmons,   Karen  R,   Lauren,  Leah,  Lois,  Maryanne,  medagostino555  (Maryellen),  Megan  G,  Rena,  Star4ish  Therapies, Joy, and Colleen

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to AllSpecialED’s first e‐book, Tackling Challenges in Data Collection and Organization.  This virtual Make & Take is a collection of ideas, suggestions  and materials for solving organizational and data  collection challenges in the classroom.  The authors of  this masterpiece are members of the AllSpecialED  community.  If you would like to learn more about them,  please click on their names to review their profiles.

Share the wisdom! We all ask the same questions, let’s find solutions.  Download Here!

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